WWE NEWS: The Return of the Smackdown Fist & WWE 2K20 Trailer

According to many wrestling news sites, the iconic Smackdown Fist set may be making a big return when Smackdown makes its way to Fox in October. The 6000 lb fist was used on over 300 episodes of Smackdown and according to the five year old YouTube video above, is sitting in WWE's many warehouses.

The move to Fox has been a long awaited arrival for wrestling fans especially as more and more bad news comes out of WWE. Sales are down on all fronts, AEW is starting TV production in early October, and fans are running away from the WWE product as a whole. Where the bad news has come, rumors have also been found.

There are rumors that the Fox deal is in flux due to the current WWE product's poor performance. Fox is expecting a show that draws close to three million viewers, while Smackdown has struggled to do that in recent months. Fox was also rumored to want a more adult product. They want the TV-14 rating back according to many wrestling news sites. With the change coming so soon, it seems like we know nothing about how this change will go down.

Also This: WWE 2K20 Trailer

Featuring a badass Becky Lynch putting a cookie in Hulk Hogan's drink, this might be one of the most satisfying WWE 2K trailers ever.

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