Marcus Stroman to the...Mets? What this means for the MLB Trade Deadline


Marcus Stroman is headed to New York, just not the part of New York he thought. Stroman is one of the pieces of the MLB Trade Deadline puzzle that everyone had pegged to go to a World Series contender like the Yankees or the Astros. Instead, Stroman is with the frustrating Mets and now MLB is in for a crazier deadline than we originally thought.

It was anticipated that the Mets were going to be sellers this year. Rumors of Noah Syndergaard being traded for prospects were thrown around left and right, but now his name is off the table because the Mets are buyers. That makes this year's seemingly deep starting pitcher market into a much thinner one. No one has made a deal with the Yankees, who's starting pitchers are on the slide, and now that it seems Madison Bumgarner is staying in San Francisco, what's left?

There is still potential in a Trevor Bauer move and it seems like Zach Greinke is always an option, but the position that every World Series contender needs is slipping away and is becoming more and more expensive.

The deadline is fast approaching, who will get moved?



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