VIDEO: Stone Cold's toast to Monday Night Raw

I was there last night in Tampa, drove out right after we went off the air in the afternoon, and it was EPIC! For me, seeing Steve Austin come out is like a religous experience, so it was worth the 2 hour drive there and back, plus not getting home till after 1am. My quick synopsis of the night...

John Cena was the first star to make an appearance and the crowd was so jacked up, they popped huge for him to kick off the night. From there, it was honestly just an average, run of the mill, Monday Night Raw. Not a whole lot of great action, storytelling was bleh, and the usage of the legends was mostly back stage. DX and members from NWO came out to save the day for Seth Rollins, that was a cool moment (as seen below)...but the WWE clearly had one goal last night. Hook the audience and keep them around until 11pm.

They saved Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, and Steve Austin for the last segment. Flair and Hogan come out, followed by an array of legends, Hogan gives a catchphrase or two...then the glass shatters, and the place went bananas! Steve was top-notch Stone Cold, and even hung around long after they went off the air, just to drink beer in front of the raucous Tampa crowd.

My big takeaway: Stone Cold is still the biggest wrestling star the company has ever created and last night proves it.



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