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KRAVITZ NOTES: Drafting from pick #2 in a 12-team fantasy football league

This week one of the leagues I'm in did their draw for draft spots, and I landed pick #2. So, in the effort of practice, fun, and sharing information. I chose to mock draft from pick #2 and take some notes. Here they are:

Mocking pick 2:

Odell went first overall, I drafted Saquan Barkley with ease #2.

First RB's taken after the big 4 were Todd Gurley: Then, in succession: Gordon, Bell…

WR’s went Hopkins (6) Adams (10) M. Thomas (11) JuJu (14)

Travis Kelce went with the 2nd pick in the 2nd round (16)

By the time it came back to me: Pick 11 in the 2nd, Mahomes was there, Fournette, D. Freeman, Chubb, Hilton, Thielen, AJ Green, Cooks, Diggs ---- I took Zach Ertz.

Came back 4 picks later, I can still get one of the WR’s that was in that range: TY Hilton was my pick – looking RB when it comes back.

By then you’re in the Jacobs, Henry, Mack, Kerryon, Aaron Jones, Sony Michel, Damien Williams, P. Lindsay group.

Amazing how quickly the WR’s drop off: Mid 3rd had all the Rams guys, Alshon, Kenny Golloday, Chris Godwin, Tyreek Hill, Diggs. That’s it as far as sure fire-high target guys. After that, you’re basically drafting high floor/low ceiling guys or vice-versa.

By mid-3rd you’re looking at Engram, Howard, Henry, Cook at TE...

Mahomes was still on the board, I’ll take him if he gets back to me for sure – if not, I’m probably not looking QB again until around round 7.

What stands out to me as well is how deep RB is:

Chris Carson, Mark Ingram, Kenyan Drake, David Montgomery, Derrius Guice, Lamar Miller, Tevin Coleman --- all guys that have upside and will be used in their offense in some way

Round 4: In my que: Damien Williams, Pat Mahomes, Chris Godwin, Sony Michel – In true FFB form, Williams and Mahomes were taken back to back before I picked. Splitting hairs between Michel and Godwin, I usually favor RB when I’m undecided and that’s where I went.

Round 5: Quick turnaround, Godwin came back to me.

12-team PPR Roster finished up looking like this:

QB- Baker Mayfield (round 9)

RB- Saquan Barkley

RB- Sony Michel

WR- TY Hilton

WR- Chris Godwin

TE- Zach Ertz

FLEX- Tevin Coleman

Best Bench Players:

WR- Mike Williams

RB- Nyheim Hines

@ me if you'd like to discuss! @BrandonKravitz or become a Zone-Head on Facebook!

Also, details coming soon on In The Zone (3-6pm) about how you can draft with us @ Twin Peaks in Altamonte!

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