Austin's Weird Sports Round Up - Heavy Metal Knitting, Disc Golf, and WSOP

Heavy Metal Knitting Championships

This one is a doozy. In Finland about 200 people showed up to watch heavy metal rockers put on performances that included a form of knitting. The bands had people knitting and thrashing around while Finland’s favorite music genre blasted through speakers. The scene was a riot and people at the event said they had a great time. Giga Body Metal won the title in the inaugural event.

Disc Golf President’s Open

Going on right now is the Disc Golf President’s Open. This bi-annual event takes place at the Nokia DiscGolfPark in Nokia Finland. Team USA has won this event every two years since it’s inception in 2006 and they plan to do it again today with captain Nate Sexton and fan choice winner Kevin Jones.

World Series of Poker Heads Up Championship

Winner Hossein Ensan walked away with $10 Million. He defeated Dario Sammartino with pocket Kings in the final hand. This is the first time in World Series of Poker history for a match to end with pocket kings. It took 100 hands of Texas Hold'em at the final table to decide the victor.

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