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UPDATE: QB Madden 20 Ratings Have Been Released

Yesterday on the show, we were talking about how old is "too old" to play video games. You'd be surprised how many 45 year olds text in and said they were active gamers in some way, shape, or form. Well, it got me thinking about my favorite game, Madden, and here's what I came across on the internet this morning.

Some of these ratings are a little severe, Madden raters are ruthless this year! Check out where the QB's fall and for more details, head to the EASports website here.

Madden 20 QB ratings:

Mahomes: 97

Brady: 96

Rivers: 94

Luck: 92

Wilson: 91

Rodgers: 90

Ryan: 89

Big Ben: 85

Cam: 84

Goff: 83

Baker: 83

Watson: 82

Wentz: 82

Dak: 81

Cousins: 81

Carr: 80

Dalton: 80

Mariota: 79

Stafford: 79

Jimmy G: 78

Foles: 77

Lamar: 76

Winston: 76

Trubisky: 75

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