WWE TV Production Changes Hands on Monday


Sunday might be the last time that fans get to complain about Vince McMahon's booking. A constant during the last year of programming is a murmur from fans about how bad the WWE TV product is. It's even driven one time hardcore fans like Brandon Kravitz and myself away from watching the weekly show.

But all of that is changing.

On Monday July 15th Paul Heyman takes his official position as executive producer of TV Production. Then on Tuesday, Eric Bischoff takes the same spot for the soon to be Fox show Smackdown Live.

Both Heyman and Bischoff have run incredibly successful companies in the 90's with ECW and WCW respectively. Many fans remember wrestling in the 90's as the greatest time in wrestling history, so putting these two men in charge might be exactly what is needed to bring back a dying product.

But the interesting moment will be Sunday. Extreme Rules.

Extreme Rules could be jarring compared to the following Monday on the basis of who gets final say. Maybe WWE is planning and transitioning to Heyman's TV format early? Or maybe they go out with one last hurrah as Vince McMahon tries to prove he's still the guy who won the Monday Night Wars.

WWE is coming to the Amway Center on July 21st. For more info CLICK HERE.


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