Magic at the Deadline: Dream, Realistic, and Stay Away Targets

The NBA trade deadline is on Thursday at 3 p.m., and Brandon has some ideas for the Orlando Magic. BK has constructed a list of a dream player, realistic player, and someone that would only spell out trouble for the Magic. Let's take a look:

Dream Player:

Darius Garland - PG - Cleveland Cavaliers

Garland would slide in quite nicely with the young core of Orlando. There is a world where this deal could be done due to the conflicting play styles of Garland and all star Donavan Mitchell. The issue - the Cavs are in win-now mode and the Magic would have little to offer to fit that timeline while holding on to the young stars of O-Town.

Realistic Player:

Bojan Bogdanovic - SF - Detroit Pistons

Bogdanovic is an experienced wing player that would immediately provide a scoring punch off of the Magic bench. Bojan is averaging over 20 PPG while converting on over 40% of his deep-balls. Making around $20 million a year, the Magic would have the contracts to get a potential deal done.

Stay Away Player:

Jalen Green - SG - Houston Rockets

Although one of the more exciting players in the league, Brandon and I question if Green has any 'team-first' in him.

For further discussion on each of these players, and if the Magic will get anything done, tune in to the podcast linked below.

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