Kravitz's AFC & NFC Conference Championship Locks

And then there were 4. 4 teams, 3 games remain, and I’ve got some catching up to do. So, I am not playing it safe. No, no. I am doing the betting equivalent of going for it on 4th and 7 in your own territory. Let’s swing for the fences and see if we can correct some of these troublesome percentages as of late.

Season record! A less than adequate 57-58-4.

Time to turn this frown upside down. Let’s hit it!

Let me be frank with you all. I am in complete gridlock as it pertains to the Chiefs/Ravens spread. I know in my mind the Ravens are the right side but I refuse to bet against Mahomes again. So, I’m tackling this game a different way.

Travis Kelce to score a TD- Did you see this guy last week? He’s reborn! I don’t know if he was just doing the veteran coast move, where you just sort of jog through the season, and then sprint when you get to the playoffs, but he looked like his old self last week. Scored 2 TD’s with ease, I like him to back up that performance with another in front of his lovely lady. Kelce anytime TD @ +115. Lock it up!

Mark Andrews OVER 35.5 receiving yards- Anything you can do, I can do better. Andrews is back and he might actually be the best tight end in this football game believe it or not. Andrews is Lamar’s #1 target and I just don’t see them easing this guy in, on such a big setting. If he’s out there, he’s playing, and if he’s playing, he’s balling. Mark Andrews has played in 10 games this season, he’s gone over 35.5 8 times. And the Chiefs have some injury concerns at lineback and safety to keep an eye on. Mark Andrews OVER 35.5 receiving yards, lock it up!

Patrick Mahomes UNDER .5 an INT- Basically saying, Mahomes isn’t turning the ball over here. Mahomes has attempted 64 passes thus far this postseason, he’s thrown 0 picks. And this is not an anomaly. In 3 of the 6 postseasons he’s been in, he hasn’t thrown a pick. If you look at all the playoff games Mahomes has played in, he’s thrown 38 touchdowns and 7 picks. That’s a 5 to 1 ratio. He’s locked in right now, he knows he has to play a clean game on the road. I’m going under 1 INT for Patrick. Lock it up!   

Lions +7 @ 49ers- The 49ers played a stinker last week, I’m sure they’ll be more buttoned up for this one, but I still think Detroit can make this a game. Overall, I don’t view these rosters as all that much different, especially if the 49ers are without a healthy Deebo Samuel. They both have adequate starting QB’s both have stellar run games, excellent o-lines, pass rush, the 49ers are without a doubt the better version – but I’m not sure they’re a touchdown better. Especially when you consider the fact that Brock Purdy has not shown to be a great playoff QB, I thought he shelled up last week. Also, the Lions have been a cover machine for the past 2 years…13-6 against the spread this season, 25-11 since game 1 last year. Since 2021, Goff excels against teams that are above .500. 15-5 against the spread against good competition over the past 3 years. I don’t think Dan Campbell allows the Niners to pull away here, I’ll take Detroit +7. Lock it up!

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens

Photo: Patrick Smith / Getty Images Sport / Getty Images

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