Do the Patriots Need to Target an Offensive-Minded Head Coach?

News broke on Thursday morning that the New England Patriots and long-time head coach Bill Belichick have mutually agrees to part ways. Belichick spent 24 seasons as head coach, taking the Patriots to nine Super Bowls, taking home the Lombardi trophy in six.

Undoubtedly one of the greatest coaches of all-time, but you wouldn't know it based off of the last couple of seasons for New England. The Pats are 29-38 since Tom Brady left New England to play for Tampa Bay - none worst than the 4-13 record this season. It seems that it was time for Belichick to move on, begging the question - who comes next?

With ex-Titans head coach Mike Vrabel being recently let go by Tennessee, the ex-Patriot linebacker as emerged as one of the lead candidates to take over the head coaching reins. Additionally, former Patriots great Jarod Mayo has served as a linebackers coach since 2019, and is being considered a lead candidate.

Despite the many great memories with the former players, I feel it is time for the Patriots to go in a very new ~offensive~ direction. 15 of the 20 teams that have made it to the NFL playoffs over the last two seasons have included an offensive-minded head coach. Granted, there are far more offensive head coaches than defensive head coaches. 20 of the 32 coaches to begin the 2023 season had a predominately offensive background before coming a head coach.

Brandon credits this to the NFL being a 'copycat' league. Call it what you want, as a life-long Patriots fan, Sweet-T wants in. Brandon and I gave our side on this discussion earlier today on 'In The Zone'. Check out the podcast linked below for the full segment.

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