Why Are Quarterbacks Dropping Left and Right?

It has been an unforgiving season to be a quarterback in the NFL. Injuries have plagued the backfield of a number of backfields, leading to more than a handful of backup quarterbacks being thrusted to the front line. This season alone, we have seen injuries to the following starting quarterbacks: Aaron Rodgers (Achilles), Anthony Richardson (Shoulder), Kirk Cousins (Achilles), Daniel Jones (Knee), Desahun Watson (Shoulder), Joe Burrow (Ankle), and Trevor Lawrence (Ankle) - all this season alone.

Injuries are impossible to avoid in the world of sports, but Brandon has some theories as to why we may be seeing an increase of injuries to quarterbacks.

1) Age

2) More "Running" Quarterbacks than ever before

3) Worst O-Lines / Better D-Lines

For the full breakdown of how Brandon feels these apply to quarterbacks dropping at what seems like a higher rate than ever this season, check out the podcast below.

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