Did the College Football Selection Committee get it right?

Well... Thats's a wrap on the regular season of the 2023 college football decision. It is the most exciting time of the year with bowl games approaching and the College Football Playoffs right around the corner. Unfortunately for many in the central Florida area, the committee did not deem the undefeated ACC champs in FSU as worthy of a top four spot.

After a wild Conference Championship weekend, the committee went with the following teams to fight it out for the national title.

1) Michigan (13-0 Big Ten Champs)

2) Washington (13-0 Pac-12 Champs)

3) Texas (12-1 Big 12 Champs)

4) Alabama (12-1 SEC Champs)

FSU and Georgia were the first two teams out ranking 5 and 6 respectively. So, did the committee get it right? Brandon and I think that task is impossible, but they advanced who they believed to be the best four teams. We broke down all of the angles to the rankings earlier today on 'In The Zone'. This Texas backdoors in, Alabama thrives in do-or-die situation, what went into the ultimate decision, and is 'SEC Bias' a thing? We cover all of that in the podcasts linked below.

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