Does the NBA Need to Change the In-Season Format?

The Orlando Magic have hit a speed bump along their 7-game winning streak, but it's not on the court. After a 3-1 run in the inaugural NBA In-Season Tournament group stage, the Magic missed the cut to advance to the knockout round. The Boston Celtics will represent East Group C with a record of 3-1, and a +27 differential.

The standings is determined by record, then head-to-head, then point differential.

Now, the Magic and Brooklyn Nets also finished with a record of 3-1 and essentially all beat each other, but Boston gets the edge in point differential with the Magic finishing +22, and the Nets at +20. We have yet to tip-off the knockout round, and the question is already swirling - is the differential the best tie-breaking method? To many Orlando fans, it seems odd that the Magic who sit as a top three in the east amidst a 7-game winning streak would be left out of a tournament such as this.

What other some other methods? Points allowed, record over designated span, overall record, and more. Brandon and I discussed the tournament today on 'In The Zone'. Check out the full segment at the podcast linked below.

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