Should Michigan Be Allowed In the College Football Playoffs?

The College Football Playoffs Selection Committee kept it's rankings the same from last week, slotting Ohio State, Georgia, Michigan, and Florida State in the four CFP slots.

Last weekend provided little-to-no anticipation for a change-up in the rankings, while this weekend has the opportunity to mix around not only the top four, but the entire rankings. Here are some games with major implications:

  • No. 9 Ole Miss at No. 2 Georgia.
    • A UGA win gives the Bulldogs three wins inside the top-20, and two inside the top-12 (All at home).
  • No. 3 Michigan at No. 10 Penn State.
    • Aside from the ongoing Michigan Cheating Scandal, which we'll touch on in a second, the Wolverines biggest downside is lack of competition - ranking 111th in ESPN's strength of schedule.
    • No. 2 Ohio State overcame Penn State just weeks ago, so a Nittany Lions win could create clear separation between the Buckeyes and Wolverines.
  • Miami at No. 4 FSU
    • The 6-3 Canes college football playoffs hopes vanished weeks ago, but that doesn't mean they can't play spoilers for an in-state opponent. This might as well be Miami's super bowl.
  • No. 18 at No. 5 Washington
    • Washington is the only undefeated Power 5 school outside of the top four. A loss would most likely be detrimental to the Huskies' playoff hopes.

Depending on how this Michigan cheating scandal plays out, the CFP Selection Committee may determine Michigan not fit for the playoffs, opening up a spot for a team inside the top 10 to slide in. Brandon and I gave our thoughts on the rankings and if Michigan should be considered earlier today on In The Zone. Hear the full segment below.

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