Patrick Beverley Bashes Franz Wagner, Paolo Banchero, and Orlando Magic

76ers guard Patrick Beverley had some interesting comments towards Franz Wagner and Paolo Banchero's rankings in ESPN's Top 100. Paolo Banchero was ranked No. 30 entering his sophomore season, while third-year Franz Wagner slotted in at No. 52.

After responding with a "who" when told whhere Franz and Banchero ranked, Beverley had the following to say: "You got two people out of the top100 on your team - Orlando Magic, you should be winning games. If you have two people that's under 50, you should make the *explicit* playoffs.

So many things about this statement are just flat out wrong. For starters, 23 teams have three or more players listed inside the ESPN Top 100. So by doing simple math, only eight teams from each conference make the postseason. That means that P Bev's math of every team with two top 100 players should be at least "winning games" which I'm going to assume means at least qualify for the play-in, doesn't check out. 23 teams with at least three players in the top 100, only 20 spots for play-in.

Let's go a step further. 27 teams have at least two players in the Top 100. Let's say "winning games" is a record over .500, since the 34 wins by the Magic after a 5-20 injury-infused start to the year and 12 win improvement form the season before doesn't qualify. Only 18 teams finished with a record over .500 last season.

I can go on and on, but instead, I'll attach Brandon and I's segment from earlier today on In the Zone. Skip ahead to the 7:35 mark for BK and I's discussion on the topic.

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