Kravitz Delivers Names for Add 'Em, Drop 'Em, Swap 'Em Ahead of Week 7!

Every Tuesday, all part of the Kravitz weekly routine, I tee up some names to add, drop, and swap in fantasy football. As some of you have heard me explain already – Tuesday is fantasy day in my brain, all about setting yourself up for the weekend ahead. Let’s get you some names…At least 1 per each category:

Add ‘Em- The 49ers guys- really comes down to your personal philosophy and belief. Eli Mitchell is the presumed #2 RB for the 49ers…but he only carried the ball 2x for -3 yards when CMC went down with that injury. Mason carried the ball 5x and scored a TD during his time on the field…I think Mitchell is the better talent – my guess is that he’d get first crack if McCaffrey can’t go. And to further complicate things, their next game is on Monday night – so the niners likely play coy all week with this situation.

Simply put, add Mitchell first. Add Mason 2nd. If you have CMC, pray you don’t need to use either.

Also, Latavius Murray, Kareem Hunt, and Craig Reynolds are worth a look. Leonard Fournette is a speculative add at best as he prepares to sign somewhere in the NFL. If you need a TE, Michael Mayer is your guy.

Drop ‘Em- Cam Akers. Completely secondary in that Vikings run game at this point. Mattison saw his second largest snap share of the season and Akers only had 2 touches. Also, Emari Demercado, not the fantasy add we thought he’d be, you can move on.

Swap ‘Em- Dameon Pierce. Other fantasy managers in your league might not realize this, because they’re too busy being enamored with how good CJ Stroud has been for that offense, but Pierce is losing work to Devin Singletary. Singletary actually played more snaps than Pierce. This is looking like a timeshare, and you should look to get value while you still can.

New York Giants v Buffalo Bills

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