Kravitz Delivers His Stone-Cold Locks for This Loaded Football Weekend!

ALL ROADS LEAD TO THIS! Stone-Cold Locks of the Week, your 5 day work week isn’t complete without ‘em and neither is mine. Let’s recap.

Last week, a hot start saw me 3-0 out of the gate but I stumbled in the 4 o’clock window of those week 5 NFL games. 3-2 finish, I’ll take it. Overall record on the year: 20-12-2 / win %- 63

More games than I know what to do with in college and the NFL, I paired it down to 7, here we go!

Oregon +3 @ Washington- Grab your popcorn, this one is going to be special. 2 elite Heisman candidates going head to head. Picking a side here wasn’t easy, but I knew I wanted action on this game and Oregon is the play here. Oregon has been a covering machine, 5-0 ATS this season already…they have a better o-line, d-line, run game, and the QB’s are similar enough to where I don’t feel like I’m at a big disadvantage. The thing I keep going back to is the fact that we haven’t seen Michael Penix face resistance yet this season, this Oregon team is going to throw him off schedule, and I want to see how he responds to that. What does he look like when things aren’t easy? Oregon has only allowed 1 QB to throw for more than 150 yards this season, that defense is legit. Also, for what its worth, Gameday has been @ UW twice, and the Huskies are 0-2. Ducks quack, +3, lock it up!

South Carolina -2 vs Florida- This is pretty simple here, SEC short home favorite when the teams are about even, I’m taking that every time. The South Carolina defense is weak, but nothing will make you look more competent than going up against Road Graham Mertz. This Gators team is no good when they leave the Swamp, we saw that in Kentucky. At the end of the day, give me the better QB to get it done. Gamecocks -2, lock it up!

FSU -17.5 vs Syracuse- I just needed to see the return of domination before I could completely buy in again to this FSU team, but I am back. 22-0 out of the gates against Virginia Tech, very impressive. You know, I know Syracuse has had their moments in the sun over the years, but this ain’t one of ‘em. Last 2 games – blown out by Clemson, blown out by UNC…neither is as good as the team they’re about to face. Seminoles have woken back up, smash spot. Noles -17.5, lock it up!

UNC -3.5 vs Miami- The question is, does Miami come into this game rattled because of the dumb decision their coaching staff made last week? Or do they rally around the criticism? I don’t know the answer, and frankly, I don’t care. I am more concerned with the fact that they couldn’t put away a Georgia Tech team that lost to Bowling Green the week before. Even if Miami was going to win last week, it was still a nail-biter. I don’t like that and I don’t trust the Canes as far as I can throw them. What I do trust though, is good QB play. Drake Maye is a wizard with the ball in his hands and he’s going to stress the hell out of this UM defense. My favorite stat that I thing determines this game tomorrow – UNC ranks 2nd in the nation in 3rd down conversion rate, Miami ranks in the 60’s against it. UNC will make big plays, convert third downs, and get the win/cover @ home. Lock it up!

Bucs +3 vs Lions- Am I betting this game because of the Creamsicles? No. Does it hurt? Also, no. I like Tampa in this spot, Detroit is the better team, but Tampa should match up well against them and fading Jared Goff outdoors is usually a good bet. Bucs come into this one off the bye, with a chances to really take a stranglehold of their division with another win. I think Detroit comes into this one a little fat and happy off that 18 point win @ home against Carolina. Plus, another major injury to that Lions secondary last week. If Baker can continue to play mistake free football, the cover (and potential win) is theirs for the taking. Bucs +3, lock it up!

Patriots +3 @ Raiders- Plug your nose for this one! The sky is falling in New England, Mac Jones can’t play, fire Bill Belichick! Perfect time to back the Pats. No one wants to bet this team right now but, they actually have a lot working in their favor. For one, they’re 1-4…but is it really that bleak? They’ve lost to the Dolphins, Eagles, Cowboys, and Saints. That is a gauntlet. The Raiders will be the easiest matchup they’ve had this season by a mile. Plus, love the fact that the Raiders won in prime-time, short week, over-inflated sense of confidence from the general public…usually doesn’t bode well. And I think Bill has the upper hand here in a number of areas – legendary coaches tend to fair well going up against former assistants, Josh McDaniels in this instance. And Bill’s former QB who he knows pretty well, Jimmy Garoppolo. Big time bounce back for the lowly Pats this weekend, lock it up!

Jets +7 vs Eagles- Plug your nose again! Some stinky, putrid dogs making onto the Locks segment this week. This defense is legit, so if you’re giving me 7 points at home, I have to take it. Even if Zach Wilson has my fate in his hands. The Jets D has been downright dominant at times this season and I’m banking on them doing it again. They’ve held Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, and Russell Wilson to their worst passing grades of the season. They’ve only allowed a touchdown on 8 of 59 drives this season, 3rd in the NFL. I think this game is going to be ugly, slow, and the Jets will make the Eagles play in the mud. Please don’t make me regret this, Zach! Jets +7, lock it up!  

Colorado v Oregon

Photo: Tom Hauck / Getty Images Sport / Getty Images

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