Where do the Jaguars Fall on the AFC Tier List?

The AFC has seen great surprises this season, along with some shocking teams underachieving. The Dolphins are still on pace to surpass offensive scoring records, and the Bengals find themselves sub-500 after five weeks. Since we are officially over a quarter the way through the NFL season, Brandon and Tyler rank the AFC on a tier list. Here were their list:

Tier 1:

Miami Dolphins, Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills.

Tier 2:

Jacksonville Jaguars, Cincinnati Bengals, Los Angeles Chargers, Baltimore Ravens, *Cleveland Browns*.

The Browns are the one spot Brandon and I disagree. I feel the Browns are firmly in Tier 3 due to the loss of Nick Chubb for the season, and the unreliability that Desh ean Watson will not only play well for Cleveland, but play in general. But, it's BK's show, Ill give him the credit.

Tier 3:

Indianapolis Colts, Houston Texans, Tennessee Titans, New York Jets, Pittsburgh Steelers.

Tier 4:

New England Patriots, Denver Broncos, Las Vegas Raiders.

For our full conversation on the Tiers, check out the podcast below.

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