Why The Dolphins Offensive Explosion This Season Might Be A Bad Thing

The Miami Dolphins offense this season has looked quite literally unstoppable.

Tua Tagovailoa has emerged as an early favorite as league MVP with over 1,000 passing yards, eight touchdowns, and two interceptions in just three games. Wide receiver Tyreek Hill is competing for the title of best in the league with three triple-digit receiving games to go along with four touchdowns to start the season. The rushing game has also been superb, rushing for 350 yards last week against the Broncos en route to scoring 70 points (tied second-most in NFL history).

Miami is leading in just about every offensive category in the NFL, including:

  • PPG (43.3)
    • Next Closest: Buffalo Bills - 30.3
  • Yards Per Game (550.3)
    • Next Closest: LA Chargers - 416.7
  • Passing YPG (362)
  • Rushing YPG (188.3)
  • First Downs

We know the Fins have dominated thus far, and 43.3 PPG would be the highest point-per-game average since the 1950 Rams (38.3 PPG). As Brandon described it, we had mailmen playing in the NFL in the 1950's (no disrespect to mailmen / mailwomen, thank you for what you do and not trying to compete in the NFL). Let's take a look at the how the highest scoring points per game teams have faired in the postseason over the last 30 years.

Year-Team (PPG): When - TEAM

  • 2013 Denver Broncos (37.9 PPG): LOST SB - Seattle Seahawks
  • 2007 New England Patriots (36.8 PPG): LOST SB - New York Giants
  • 2018 Kansas City Chiefs (35.3 PPG): LOST AFC Championship - New England Patriots
  • 2011 Green Bay Packers (35.0 PPG): LOST Divisional - New York Giants
  • 2012 New England Patriots (34.8 PPG): LOST AFC Championship - Baltimore Ravens
  • 1998 Minnesota Vikings (34.9 PPG): LOST NFC Championship - Atlanta Falcons
  • 2011 New Orleans Saints (34.2 PPG): LOST Divisional - San Francisco 49er's
  • 1983 Washington Redskins (33.8 PPG): LOST SB - Oakland Raiders
  • 2016 Atlanta Falcons (33.8 PPG): SB - LOST New England Patriots
  • 2000 St. Louis Rams (33.8 PPG): WC - LOST New Orleans Saints
  • 2019 Baltimore Ravens (33.2 PPG): LOST Divisional - Titans
  • 2018 LA Rams (32.9 PPG): SB - LOST New England Patriots
  • 1999 St. Louis Rams (32.7 PPG): WON SB
  • 2004 Indianapolis Colts (32.6 PPG): Divisional - New England Patriots
  • 2010 New England Patriots (32.4 PPG): Divisional - New York Jets
  • 2011 New England Patriots (32.1 PPG): SB - New York Giants

Do you get the idea? Every team to score at least 32 PPG in the regular season have failed to win the Super Bowl the same season except for the 1999 St. Louis Rams. Hear more of the breakdown and BK's nuggets, in the podcast below.

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