Fantasy Football: Add 'em, Drop 'em, Try and Swap 'em Week 3 Edition!

Add ‘em, Drop ‘em, Swap ‘em: A weekly tradition here on In The Zone all throughout the fantasy season…

And a reminder that this is simply what I would do, this is not something you have to do. It should be noted that I foolishly had De’Von Achane on the ‘drop em’ list a couple weeks back after healthy scratch, so I’ll be licking my wounds on that for a while. Obviously, if he’s still out there- go and scoop him up with the quickness.

So here you go, 1 player to ADD, 1 player to DROP, and 1 player to SWAP

Add ‘em- I can’t quite lock in on 1 so I’m just going to say, give me a pair of Josh’s: Josh Palmer of the Chargers and Josh Downs of the Colts.

Josh Palmer is the guy to own and start over Quentin Johnston right now – I know Johnston has that first round capitol, but the chargers are desperate for success, they don’t have time to break in a rookie, when the guy in front of him is doing just fine. Palmer’s average catch on Sunday was 16.5 yards – Johnston’s was 5. Herbert needs deep threats.

Josh Downs- He has emerged as the #2 for Michael Pittman – 8 catches 57 yards on a team leading 12 targets on Sunday. Downs has earned twice the number of targets as Alec Pierce – and that target volume can give you a nice safe floor in fantasy as a WR3 type.

Drop ‘em- Saints RB Jamaal Williams- He was brought in to be the goal-line specialist for the Saints but now he’s hit the IR, which means he’ll be out a minimum of a month, and we just don’t have time for that. Plus, Kendre Miller, the rookie, could end up taking his job after not too long – so we don’t even know what Williams rank in the offense will be when he returns.

Swap ‘em- Packers QB Jordan Love- There is not a QB in the league that is playing more over his head from a fantasy aspect than Jordan Love. He’s getting all the TD’s (8 in 3 weeks) and I just don’t think he can keep this up. This Packers offense wants to be run first, they can’t establish that with AJ Dillon in the lineup by himself, but I think when Aaron Jones comes back, we could see Love’s production dip. I think you could fetch something for him by attacking the Justin Fields or Joe Burrow manager in your league.

Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans

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