How Kravitz is Attacking QB's in Fantasy Drafts This Year

The importance of investing in Quarterback's when playing fantasy over the years has been a unique experience. Back when Peyton Manning and Tom Brady were running the show, drafting those guys round 1 was a no brainer decision. The drop off from them to Jake Delhomme was drastic. Over the years however, the position has changed. More running QB's, more offensive friendly rules, more emphasis on offense from coaching staffs. All the sudden, over night, it became unwise to reach on QB's. Settling for the 10th guy off the board became the smarter way to play this game we love.

I think we're starting to course correct, however. The top guys are starting to separate themselves again. You simply won't find Josh Allen, Pat Mahomes, or Jalen Hurts production in round 8. So here's where I'm at with that.

QB this year appears to be really top heavy and then muddled in the middle – some trash and value finds at the end…

Here’s the way I’ve been tackling it:

Patrick Mahomes in early round 2. If that's not an option for me, I go Justin Fields in round 5. That’s pretty standard for me. Of course, this changes in Superflex.

If neither of those options work in my favor…I want a combo platter of Anthony Richardson and Jared Goff. Give me crazy upside with a nice rushing floor, coupled with an above average QB in a top tier offense. Tua fits into the category as well.

There's nothing wrong with snatching Allen, Hurts, Burrow, or Lamar in the round 3 range - I'm just willing to wait another round or 2 for Fields, I don't think the gap is that absurd.

Here are a couple of my favorite late round targets if I miss out completely on my strategy guys:

  • Daniel Jones
  • Kirk Cousins
  • Kenny Pickett
  • CJ Stroud
  • Matt Stafford
  • Sam Howell
Tennessee Titans v Chicago Bears

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