Red Flags for the Bucs, Jags, and Dolphins Heading into the 2023 Season

Preseason starts this week. Our 3 in state teams will be in action. The Phins play the Falcons on Friday night, Bucs/Steelers in Tampa on Friday night, and Jags @ Cowboys on Saturday.

Not really interested in breaking those down ahead of time but I am starting to wrap my head around what these teams are going to be this season.

If you want to set the baseline expectation @ win totals in Vegas. The Jags and Phins are both @ 9.5. Both on the high-end of “projections”. The Bucs are at 6.5, slightly below the average projected win totals.

I think we could make an easy case for why all 3 of these teams would smash their win totals – but I want to take a look @ this through the other lens. If none of them are able to get to an over, why would that happen? Maybe you’ve seen the trending filter people are using on IG and TikTok “my 3 red flags”…I wanted to do that with the Jags, Bucs, and Dolphins. What are the 3 red flags that will hold back each of these 3 teams?

Miami Dolphins red flags:

1.Tua’s health/concussion issues.

2.Below average defense.

3.No consistent threat in the run game.

Jacksonville Jaguars red flags:

1.Assuming Trevor Lawrence will be elite

2.Calvin Ridley hasn’t played since October of 2021

3.Bottom 5 pass defense from 2022

Tampa Bay Bucs red flags:

1.Bottom tier QB play

2.Unproven #1 running back with limited depth

3.Todd Bowles and a first time OC

Miami Dolphins Training Camp

Photo: Megan Briggs / Getty Images Sport / Getty Images

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