DeVos Family Donates to Ron DeSantis's Political Campaign

We don't usually look towards the political world for our news here on In The Zone, but this one was definitely an eye-brow raiser for many Magic fans out there. Let me first state, I am not about to tell you how I feel about this politically, I'm very opinionated on such issues but don't think its my place to discuss this with my sports fan audience. My mission is to bring people together and not to divide, which is exactly what politics has been doing, now more than ever. I am not censored, but I censor myself because I feel like this show is one of the few places where Republicans and Democrats can co-habitate without it being an issue. I don't want to change that.

Now that the disclaimer is out there, here's the story that is being reported.

From my knowledge, its not uncommon for a team owner to back political candidates, but what's odd is that they donated under the name of the Orlando Magic brand. And for the same reasons I detailed above, I'm shocked that they did this. The Magic as an organization should be doing everything in its power to make everyone feel welcomed and to leave political leanings at the door when they walk into the Amway Center. Well, its tough to do that when the team itself has told you loud and clear where they stand. Scott Maxwell of the Orlando Sentinel points this out as well...

To be fair, NONE OF US should be surprised by this. Betsy DeVos was the Secretary of Education under Donald Trump. She's one of the chair members of the Replublican Party in Michigan. This is very much on brand.

Frustrating that as much as we try and keep sports separate from the ugly contentious world of politics, there's always something that sucks us back in.

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