It's Crazy But Napier is Under Major Pressure Going into Year 2 at Florida

When you lose, things tend to snowball quickly for you in college football.

This is where, Billy Napier can feel the heat already – all you need to know is that he thanked the media at SEC Media Days. I mean, its sweet, but its also a plea to "take it easy on me, will ya?"

Thank you media, thank you AD Scott Striklin, thank you fans – all the people who will fight like hell to get me fired if my team loses…again.  

If you think getting fired after 2 seasons is unreasonable…I can give you a couple of really good examples of this happening in the not-so-distant past…

Bryan Harsin was fired by Auburn after coaching their for just 2 seasons. 9 wins in 2 years, out.

Willie Taggart at FSU. 9 wins between 2018 and 2019…gone.

Jim McElwain took the Gators to 2 straight SEC title games and was fired in the middle of season 3.

This stuff happens…I’m sure there are a million other examples.

For the record, I think its pure lunacy, but Billy Napier needs to win NOW because, well, that's just the way it is.

Jesse Simonton from hopped on the show today to discuss that and other items that popped up at SEC Media Days. Find the full interview, below!

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