Don't Listen to Kirby, Georgia's Schedule is Soft

SEC Media days cruising right along in Nashville, Tennessee…and yesterday’s big headline was that of Kirby Smart answering questions from the critics who say that Georgia’s schedule is as soft as a cupcake. Which it is.

Georgia- for reference plays- UT martin and Ball State to start the year…they follow that up with a home game vs South Carolina…UAB…@Auburn...home vs Kentucky…@vandy…Florida/Georgia game in Jacksonville…home vs Mizzou…home vs Ole Miss…@ Tennessee…@GT…that's it.

Not the easiest schedule in the country, but it has to be the easiest in the SEC.

Kirby smart offered up this doozy of a quote when asked if his schedule was easy- “Come play it”

Love the bravado, makes for a great quote. But Kirby…I’m sure several schools inside your conference would LOVE to play it. Georgia happens to get the fortune of playing some of the teams inside a tough SEC who are down right now. Florida, Auburn, South Carolina…not exactly peaking right now. But to me, the biggest thing that stands out is their out of conference schedule. It's a joke. And they knew well in advance that it would be a joke.

UT Martin. Ball State. UAB. Georgia Tech. That is so incredibly lame. Even UCF has a tougher out of conference schedule than that.

I love CFB…but their schedule is everything that’s wrong with the sport…they are more loaded than anyone else – and they’re just going to waltz into the CFB playoff. Guaranteed. Georgia is -250 to make the playoff…that’s insane. Kirby Smart has nothing to defend here, they took the easy way out.

2023 CFP National Championship - TCU v Georgia

Photo: Ronald Martinez / Getty Images Sport / Getty Images

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