Marc Daniels: A Show Farewell To The Skinny Quiet Kid

The first time I met Scott Harris I had no idea what to expect. I was coming back to the radio station that I helped build after being away for a few years and learned that my producer would be this quiet, skinny kid that didn't talk much but liked sports and was eager to learn.

We sat and talked about the show and things I liked and wanted to do. I welcomed his feedback but he didn't say much. He looked more like the quiet sophomore in high school who did his own thing and liked what he liked and didn't care about fitting in. I also learned that I was old because when Scott first started to listen to sports radio, I was the guy he tuned in to hear.

As we began, what is now, an 11+ year journey of working together- Scott didn't talk much in those early days. I wondered about our chemistry and thought this 14 -year old looking kid may never open. But over the years Scott did. 

I have joked since day one that Scott can still pass for a high schooler- he really can. But he's grown up to become far more than a producer of the show. He became a co-host that delivered content, creative ideas, production support and has played a key role in what we do everyday. 

I have always said what we do is not that hard but we try hard. Our goal is to make listeners think, laugh, take their mind off of their daily issues and hopefully tell someone later in the day about something we talked about. Scott has played a vital role in that.

But over the years I have watched that skinny quiet kid grow in so many ways. Today, Scott has truly become a personality. I am not sure he realizes that some days. It's not that people may recognize him out and about or hear his voice, it's that he has matured into a confident person who takes chances, is not afraid to fail and really started living over the years.

I joke about Scott's passion for movies, super heroes, emo shows and many other things that make him so unique. But that's the beauty of Scott. He is still who he is despite his incredible personal growth over the years.

I am pretty simple but can be complicated to work with. I don't yell and get upset about much. Much has changed in my life in recent years and Scott knows much, if not all. I have mellowed and have great balance and Scott has helped me in so many ways.

There is much I will miss about Scott. Our morning banter before the show can't be forced and our opening segment of the show- which some think is the best or worst segment of the show- is priceless because we just talk...about life, our lives, your lives and the world around us. I will miss that. I will miss coming up with Double Shot Tuesday ideas, Movie Wednesdays and the many other great moments we have had on the show. But I guess the ultimate measuring stick of a great friendship is the fact you miss a lot of things when you won't see that friend as much.

It's true that in 11+ years Scott and I have worked together we have spoken on the phone 3-4 times. That is not a sign of not being true friends. In fact, I think that added to the chemistry we have had. It made for those moments on that opening segment on the show to hear about the other's previous day and the many stories we have shared.

Scott and I will continue to see each other often and he will be around the station and involved in our UCF production and broadcasts. It's just this chapter closes. I have been blessed to work with some incredible people that have produced my show over the years. Scott has done it longer than anyone and as good as the rest.

I am so proud of who has become and grown into. He has worked hard to earn the opportunity to call games for Orlando City and does an excellent job. He can sit in for me and the show wouldn't skip a beat...well, maybe a small step. I have no doubt he will succeed in his next challenge but I will miss him for the many reasons I have stated here.

But this is a good thing for Scott. It's time for him to try a new adventure. He has so many bigger days ahead. I am grateful for the time we have worked together and will call him friend forever.

I always end the Friday show saying "Do something kind for someone who doesn't expect it. They will appreciate it and you'll feel better about yourself. It's easy to be kind." Scott did something kind for me. He put up with me all these years. I wasn't sure I would have expected that when we first met. But I've appreciated it and think we both feel better about that. Thank you friend...

Final note: Scott is truly not 17 years old, but he looks like he's 17 and that's what makes him who he is.

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