Jamahl Mosley Shares His First Thoughts on Magic Outlook for '23-'24

Magic head coach Jamahl Mosley was on with the morning show hosts for NBA Radio on Sirius XM and dove into how he plans on managing proper expectations for this Magic team.

Last year, things got off to an excruciatingly slow start (hashtag 5-20) but after that, the Magic were a .500 ball club. You assume that the pillar guys like Paolo and Franz are going to get better. You assume that having 2 picks inside the top 11 joining the team will help, not hurt. You assume that Markelle Fultz starting the year off healthy will help guide this team to more wins in October and November. And all of that is without adding to the roster through whatever moves are done in free-agency.

Obviously, we talk a lot of Magic basketball on this show, and at times even gas them up, maybe beyond reality. But it is refreshing to hear national radio guys share their excitement for the team and Jamahl Mosley gave a composed answer, as he is known to do, when asked about managing those expectations. Check out the clips below.

Orlando Magic v Chicago Bulls

Photo: Getty Images

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