Mike Ginnitti: "Brooklyn's Got a Real Shot @ Damian Lillard"

Mike Ginnitti made his weekly Tuesday visit to discuss some of the big moves in the NBA from the past week, how this impacts free-agency moving forward, and which teams will be major players in the spending market. We also discussed the ongoing Damian Lillard push and pull we've been hearing from him and upper level management in Portland. Is now the right time to move on? And does anyone make sense outside of Miami? Mike seems to think so, he says Brooklyn is a team to watch for because of their surplus of young talent/assets. Brooklyn's trade chips are more appealing than Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson, so he might be onto something. Give that a listen and everything else Mike chats about regarding the NBA's latest monster moves.

Plus, some confusion on Mike Evans potential new deal and more!

Portland Trail Blazers v Boston Celtics

Photo: Getty Images

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