Is It 'Black Magic' or Bust When it Comes to Anthony Black's Nickname?

Today's show was an absolute iconic blast and this segment might exemplify that better than any.

Jake Chapman, the all-new radio voice of the Orlando Magic came to sit in with me today as my Tues. guest co-host and I always like to come up with unique ways to keep him on his toes.

I told Jake, I was thinking about ways to spice up the show with him in studio…because the last time we had him in, it was the Succession ranking…kinda put him to work on that one…this time…I figured I would do the work and just let him sit back and react…so…

Today’s Jake NBA themed game show was titled- JAKE IT OFF or SHAKE IT OFF! Hilarity ensues below.

Catch today's full show as well which includes...more Magic talk with Jake - we discuss LSU's natty from last night, welcomed on Mike Ginnitti from to prime you for NBA Free-Agency, discussed the nuances of a new Tik-Tok term "micro-cheating", and an Arkansas beat writer broke down Anthony Black's game!

NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament - West Regional - Practice Day

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