Kravitz: It's Time We Put Our Faith in Jeff and John

I’ve seen your reaction, and I think it mirrors the way I initially reacted when sitting on my beach house couch – it was that of disappointment – maybe even a little frustration. Face it, we don't know a lot about the guys that we look into and that we get excited about, so when our team ends up drafting a couple of players that we skipped over entirely, we all of a sudden think that this means our team screwed up. I'm not going to talk any of you into the fact that last Thursday night was an exciting night to be a magic fan. Those were not the picks that we sold ourselves on, and there were simply more exciting players that were there at 6 and at 11. But not all drafts are the kind that make you so excited you wanna jump out of your own skin.

Some drafts are about blind faith. And I think Jeff Weltman and John Hammond have earned that from us.

This is the same management team that selected Franz Wagner over Jonathan Kuminga, this is the same management team that selected Paolo over Jabari Smith (and Chet). This is the same management team that got Markelle Fultz from Philadelphia on a sweetheart of a deal.

I explain further in the clip attached below.

2023 NBA Draft

Photo: Getty Images

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