5 Key Takeaways from our First "Zone-Heads" Mock Draft

Fantasy drafts will be here before you know it and no one likes to be more prepared than our listeners. That's why we put together our very first mock draft of the year for fantasy football early in June! Let's take a look at what there is to learn from the draft.

Shoutout to Friend of the Show Adrian for putting this together and to all who took part in the festivities over the past week.

5 Key Takeaways:

  1. If you want Bijan Robinson, you better be prepared to take him early: One of our drafters selected Bijan with the 4th overall pick, a little rich for my blood, but not by much. I think Bijan could be a top 5 running back immediately upon arrival into that Falcons offense, but the unknown, and the fear of a rookie wall would be the reason to hit pause on the hype train. Either way you slice it, if you are not prepared to take him top 5, you're probably not getting him.
  2. Wide receiver is incredibly deep, but its also top-heavy: Justin Jefferson was pick 1.02 in this draft and I followed suit by taking Ja'Marr Chase 3rd overall. After that, we saw Cooper Kupp, Tyreek Hill, and Stefon Diggs come off the board in round 1. By the end of round 2, you were left with high-upside guys like Amon-Ra St. Brown and Garrett Wilson, but the cream of the crop was gone. Lesson learned- make sure you get a star receiver in the first 2 rounds. Your team will be at a clear disadvantage if you don't, especially in 12-team leagues.
  3. People are still going to overdraft Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen: Those 2 QB's were the first 2 off the board at 2.04 and 2.07 respectively. Love the players, hate the value, and you are going to see this happen in every draft you are in. Those investments on their surface aren't bad ideas, its the lost-value proposition. While you are taking Mahomes or Allen round 2, others are grabbing those precious few stud receivers left out there, and you can still find the Fields, Hurts, and Burrow's of the world 2 rounds later. Be wise on not just which QB you take, but when you take them.
  4. We are almost all the way out on Kyle Pitts: I grabbed Pitts in round 7 and was actually sort of disgusted by it if that tells you anything. This was a guy that we were tripping over each other to draft in round 3 last year. Pitts was TE6 off the board and its really just an upside play. The position is gross this year, you either get Kelce or Andrews early, or you will be left feeling sort of icky at the position. Don't feel bad though, 10 out of 12 fantasy owners will feel icky after draft day, at least Pitts is ick with upside.
  5. Mid-round values at RB: There are a ton! This is great news for fantasy drafters everywhere. No position causes headaches on draft day more than RB and this year, I think there are a bunch of hidden gems in rounds 5 through 7, right around the time we start to run out of good ideas on draft day. A few of the names that stand out amongst those drafted between rounds 5 and 7 include: Miles Sanders, Javonte Williams, JK Dobbins, Isaiah Pacheco, and David Montgomery.

Become a Zone-Head and get in on the fun!

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