Marc Daniels Friday Notebook: Jokic, Magic Trade?, Brady, SEC & Spider Webs

2023 NBA Finals - Game One

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It's been a while since we did a Larry King style notes column. If you are in the plus-30 age demo like me then you remember grabbing the purple Life section of the USA Today and turn to the second page and find King's column which consisted of just random sentences and references about anything he wanted. It was gold and so we bring back a King style notes column for today...

Nikola Jokic loved horse racing growing up in Serbia and raced horses when he was 14. Too big to be a jockey today...What does Pat Riley and Alonzo Mourning talk about during these games?...When I grew up Batman and Spiderman would never appear at the same place...I still love a 1-0 baseball game...Aaron Judge is the modern Mickey Mantle without the issues the Mick dealt with...I watch all these sports talk shows on TV and I still don't know what they are talking about...The Magic should think about trading both first round picks for a star. I don't know if Damian Lillard wants to be here but he does know the sun shines here more than Portland, right?...If the Magic keep their picks I still hope they take UCF's Taylor Hendricks, local guy with local team...I can't name a single sitcom on network TV. What happened to must watch Thursday night on NBC?...I watched an episode of Gilligan's Island the other day and I just don't see the wealthy Howells getting on a charter boat with the rest of that crew...Why do I think Tom Brady enjoyed making that video to tell us he is not playing this upcoming season? All the great ones never want the stage lights to go dark...I still think the Bucs are tanking for one of the top college quarterbacks. Why else is every video posted showing Baker Mayfield and Kyle Trask missing targets?...The SEC chose to stick with eight conference games instead of going to nine in 2024. Remember, no one plays fewer non-power 5 non-conference games than the SEC...When the Vanderbilt coach wants to talk, does anyone else in the room pay attention?...I love yogurt pretzels and I need to stop loving them so much...I never met former Lake Brantley football coach George Clayton who recently passed away but enough people have told me what a wonderful guy he was that I feel I should have met him...I really don't care who works opposite Skip Bayless on his show...I can't tell you who is the best team in the USFL coming down the stretch of their season. Should I feel bad about that?...Robert Redford was good in any role he played...Why doesn't MLB have scheduled doubleheaders any more?...I could watch the TNT NBA guys talk about any subject. You can't fake that chemistry...College football should stop asking Congress to help on this NIL stuff and the leaders in college sports need to start leading. If you want to make rules, make rules and that's it. That's what your predecessors did for decades. Was the system perfect? No. But people got along and there's no reason you guys can't fix this on your own...I like a good movie matinee with butter soaked popcorn and a great ending to the flick...I still love watching my car go through the car wash for some reason...A year later, I'm not bothered that LIV exists. I know how they exist but just being honest. A lot of things in life can bother me, not this one...I love F1 and I am a Red Bull fan but I think I'd rather have a beer with Sergio Perez instead of champion Max Verstappen...I still don't know how they get milk from almonds...Why do I think Stetson Bennett will start a game for the Rams this season?...What do I do with the button I found in my closet the other day? I don't know where it came from and where it belongs...This Messi guy seems to like the attention of people guessing where he will play. But if someone offered me $200M a year to play somewhere, I'd probably ask what time is the next game?...I like to admire a home run without knowing its exit velocity...Every time I walk into a spider web I feel like I have ruined a masterpiece in construction...

Final note: Larry King's note column for the USA Today ran for almost 20 years from 1982-2001 and was one of the paper's most popular weekly pieces.

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