Should The Magic Consider Bringing Back Vooch Depending On The Price Tag?

If I'm the Magic, I'd focus more on acquiring shooting like Austin Reaves or Cameron Johnson but what about bringing back Vooch for big man depth? He was a staple for years in Orlando and to be able to bring him back after getting so much for him in the Bulls trade would be like "having your cake and eating it too." But is he someone you really want to pay big money at this point in his career? Plus, it would most likely mean moving off the lovable Moritz Wagner. If it's going to be an older big man, I think Brook Lopez might even be a better fit for this team.

Kravitz and I discuss the idea of why or why not the Magic should kick the tired on Nikola Vucevic in the podcast clip below.

Orlando Magic v Chicago Bulls

Photo: Getty Images

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