Networks Shouldn't Fear a Heat vs Nuggets NBA Finals Series

I want to talk about this concept that the ratings for a potential Nuggets vs Heat series will do terrible ratings in the NBA Finals. I think its an embarrassment – its an embarrassment to NBA media partners, its an embarrassment to sports fans…

Think about it in the perspective of the NFL. If we were fed a Broncos vs Dolphins AFC title game…that wouldn’t be viewed as less than in the eyes of the general public…so why is it such an issue in the NBA? I don’t get it. Well, I do get it, but its dumb.

Jimmy Butler, the dog of all dogs left in the playoffs.

Nikola Jokic, the most dazzling big in the NBA.

What’s the problem?

I get that Lakers vs Celtics would draw perhaps the largest possible audience, but the reliance on these brands to carry monster numbers has become so predictable and monotonous. The league is rich with talent and its not like Denver and Miami are small markets by any means, they still rank top 20 nationally and they're both incredible destination cities that are only growing year by year. The NBA should be quietly rooting for this for the long term health of the league, rather than wanting to see brands that popularized the league in the 80's get another day in the sun. End rant.

Denver Nuggets v Miami Heat

Photo: Getty Images

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