The Magic Will Have Options During The NBA Draft At Pick 6 & 11

I never really got my hopes up for the Magic to land the number one pick, in fact, I had already just assumed they'd end up selecting at 6 and 11 in the NBA Draft so it's time to spread the agenda for some combination of Jarace Walker, Taylor Hendricks, Jordan Hawkins, and Gradey Dick.

If the Magic can add shooting, high IQ players, and more defense...I will be happy. The 4 players I mentioned bring qualities that I feel would be valuable to add to Orlando's developing nucleus. Kravitz on the other hand, prefers to swing for the fences and trade up for Brandon Miller or Scoot Henderson..which I could ultimately get behind as well but it would also take Charlotte or Portland being willing to be a trade partner.

We react to the lottery and discuss all possibilities in the podcast clip below.

Connecticut v Gonzaga

Photo: Getty Images

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