Magic Landing #1 Overall Would Change Orlando's Economy

So, the draft lottery is tonight. Pretty big deal. Of course, after tonight, we kinda hope we don’t have to worry about this day anymore…this should be like our going away party from years spent in the lottery…our final hurrah tonight.

But it is a big deal. We’ve said many times on this show – the #1 pick is a dream scenario – but you don’t need to land #1 for tonight to be a good night.

Here’s the scale as I have it detailed:

Pick 1- Changes the economy of the city

Picks 2 or 3- Changes the confidence in the trajectory of the team.

Picks 4 through 6- Solid rotational piece (Thompson twins/Anthony black)

Anything 7 or later- fun speculative add. (Jarace, Taylor Hendricks, Grady Dick)

Then you have the Bulls pick too…here’s how that shakes out…

They have an 8.5% chance of keeping their pick. To do that, they have to land top 4.

If they don’t, the earliest they can pick is 11. But they can slide back if one of the teams around them jump into the top 4.

Most likely scenario tonight- Magic land the 6th and 11th pick.

side note

The Victor thing is fun to think about though because not only is it an economy boost…

I don’t think its overstating things to say: The Magic would have the most envied Big 3 in the NBA. Think about it.

On the economy front, just look @ what LeBron did for Cleveland.

While in Cleveland, James brought $200 million in spending to the downtown district, according to a 2010 report from (Read more)


Photo: Getty Images

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