Kravitz Predicts the 1st Month Records for the Phins, Jags, and Bucs

So the NFL schedules were released in full yesterday. Whether you find that fascinating or meaningless…if you’re a football fan, I bet you looked! A couple of things that really stand out to me…

1…the Jets are in way too many prime time games…the NFL is obsessed with aaron Rodgers and its obnoxious. 5x! Gag.

2…As a dolphins fan. Very excited about our schedule…no Thursday night football, which wrankled me at first, but as it was pointed out to me, that’s actually a good thing. Plus, week 7 – SNF @ Philly, monster game.

3…Monday night football got the shaft again…a lot of mid-tier games…BUT…the NFL gave them the SB rematch in week 11…Eagles vs Chiefs – so that probably keeps ESPN happy.

I made the point yesterday that schedules matter. They matter a lot. A bad schedule can put you behind the 8-ball…a good one gets you off to a good start, builds confidence…I mean, you still need to simply take care of business…but not starting your season – chiefs, bengals, bills helps. There are some great stats out there for how likely you are to make the playoffs if you start 3-0 – or how unlikely you are @ 2-4…all that stuff.

I’m looking @ the first month for the Jags, Phins, and Bucs here.

Jags- @ Indy, home vs KC, home vs Houston, London vs Atlanta. That should be a fairly stress free start.

Bucs- @ Minnesota, home vs Chicago, home vs Philly, @ New Orleans. That looks like a lot of trouble for a team that is slowly decaying.

Phins- @ LAC, @ Patriots, home vs Denver, @ Buffalo. Not easy by any stretch but the Phins are pretty good and the early summer heat usually fares well for them.


Jags: 3-1

Bucs: 1-3

Dolphins: 2-2

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Tennessee Titans

Photo: Getty Images

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