Kravitz: Leaked NFL Games That Jump Off the Page

NFL Schedule Release leaks! A time honored tradition. Smart by the NFL. The release date for the full schedule is tomorrow, but why not have us react to stuff early, so that we don’t miss any of the other important stuff tomorrow? Hard to react to everything at once, so much like a dinner service, we’ll bring the salad out before the entrée.

Here are the games that really jump off the page to me:

·Dolphins vs Chiefs Nov. 5th in Germany- Great game to wake up to and it keeps the Phins out of Arrowhead which is a nice little bonus. Bummer we don’t get to see Tyreek Hill back in KC for the first time, but a great feature game nonetheless.

·Jets vs Dolphins Nov. 24th Black Friday- I know, another Phins game, but for good reason! For one, if Tua is still healthy after Thanksgiving, it’ll be a holiday miracle, and it’s the first Black Friday game ever. Finally, something better to do than mindlessly shopping for stuff we don’t need.

·Giants vs Eagles Dec. 25th- One of 3 NFL games that will be played on Christmas Day. Truly, one of the great rivalries in the NFL, and I get to hear about how Tozzi ignored his whole family on X-Mas to watch Danny Dimes lose by 20 to the Eagles. Also, unrelated to football, but Christmas falls on a Monday this year, how great is that?

·Bengals vs Chiefs Dec.31st- A rare occurrence when New Year’s Eve lands on a Sunday, so plan on watching a lot of NFL on the final day of 2023. This game right here, Mahomes vs Burrow, that will easily be the best game of the day – I don’t even need to see the rest of the schedule.

Jags vs Falcons Oct. 1st- This one might not seem glamorous on the surface, but the Jags could be a real force in the AFC this year and don't be surprised if the Falcons are one of those darling teams we all fall in love with this season, like we did the Lions last year. Plus, its a Calvin Ridley revenge game. Mark your calendars and set your alarms for this one, it'll be worth it!

Miami Dolphins v San Francisco 49ers

Photo: Getty Images

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