Jamahl Mosley Has Earned The Chance To See This Through With The Magic

It's a tough business, Mike Budenholzer won a title with Milwaukee two years ago and already has been fired by the Bucks after being eliminated by the 8th seeded Miami Heat in the first round. It was a pretty shocking result even despite the heroics of Jimmy Butler and Giannis suffering a lower back in jury in Game One, but Coach Bud did not have his best series as a Head Coach either. It did come out after the fact that Coach Budenholzer tragically lost his brother to a car accident in the midst of this series, which makes me feel even more for the guy. When you're a franchise that has a player like Giannis, the goal is title or bust so I can ultimately make sense of why they're looking for a new voice at Head Coach, I'm just wondering which replacement will move the needle.

But the relative angle on this is that I've heard some Magic fans bring up the idea of Mike Budenholzer as the Magic Head Coach, and I can understand the attraction. Coach Bud's proven himself to be a quality Head Coach in Atlanta and of course more recently with the Bucks, he has experience and winning on the resume. But the Magic are forming a new culture that Jamahl Mosley has had a huge hand in helping build, and I feel that he deserves the opportunity to see this through, although expectations are shifting going forward.

Kravitz and I discuss more in the podcast clip below.

Orlando Magic v Chicago Bulls

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