Andy Freed On Wander's Theatrics: The Bottom Line Was, He Made The Play

Wander Franco's showboat move where he flipped the baseball to himself and finished the play, came in route of a Rays sweep over the Pirates and it got the baseball world talking. While it is certainly not going to win over the crowd that covets Tom Emanski's fundamentals and the "unwritten rules", the play was ultimately made and it was a whole lot of fun for the highlight reel. Wander Franco is blessed with the arm strength, next level talent to make a play like that and the Rays are rolling..I think the context should allow fans to appreciate it.

Rays Broadcaster Andy Freed joined In The Zone and offered his thoughts on this historically good start for the Rays, and what this season has been like while mourning the loss of his broadcaster partner Dave Wills, as well as his thoughts on the Wander play in the podcast clip below.

Pittsburgh Pirates v Tampa Bay Rays

Photo: Getty Images

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