Kravitz's Preseason Power Rating for All 32 NFL Teams

Last year my locked game was strong, 64-52-3 ATS…better than the year prior…which was better than the year prior to that. So, I’m getting sharper every year…and how do we continue to grow? Add new wrinkles to the system…I’m building my own ‘KRAVITZ’ model…where I rate each team on a scale from 0 to 10. And then, come the NFL season. I’ll see if my implied spread matches the actual point spread…and see if I can get some value out of it.

For the purpose of game analysis, 3 points will be added to the home team…so that will be a factor when picking games…but this is just simply for creating a baseline. These #'s will be tinkered throughout the preseason process, injuries, a change in analysis, and so on. But as of now, this is the first draft. Take a look and hit me up on Twitter if you take issue with any of the ratings (@BrandonKravitz)


AFC East-

Dolphins- 7.5 

Bills- 7.5 

Jets- 7.5 

Pats- 5 

AFC North

Ravens- 7  

Bengals- 8.5 

Steelers- 4 

Browns- 4 

AFC South

Jags- 7 

Titans- 4 

Colts- 2 

Texans- 3  

AFC West

Chiefs- 9.5 

Chargers- 7 

Broncos- 5 

Raiders- 3 

NFC East

Eagles- 10 

Cowboys- 7.5 

Giants- 6 

Commanders- 3 

NFC North

Lions- 7 

Vikings- 5.5 

Packers- 3 

Bears- 3.5 

NFC South

Saints- 5.5 

Falcons- 4.5 

Bucs- 3 

Panthers- 3 

NFC West

49ers- 9

Seahawks- 6.5 

Cardinals- 2 

Rams- 5 

New York Giants v Jacksonville Jaguars

Photo: Getty Images

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