Fading Returning Stars In The NBA Playoffs Has Been A Winning Formula

There have been a number of notable injuries in this year's NBA Playoffs and on In The Zone, we've noticed the trend of teams losing games when their stars return.

Giannis's Bucks lost in his return to Game 4 against the Heat (also thanks to an epic Jimmy Butler performance), the Grizzlies lost Game 3 in LA (badly) upon Ja Morant's return, and last night the MVP Joel Embiid returned to the 76ers lineup just to get pulverized by the Boston Celtics in Game 2. This trend would mean to fade Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat on Saturday? Could be dangerous.

Talking Embiid concerns, Celtics/Sixers, Warriors/Lakers in the podcast clip below.

Philadelphia 76ers v Boston Celtics - Game Two

Photo: Getty Images

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