Applying "Madden Ratings" To Play-By-Play Broadcasters

I have yet to develop a full-proof system, but today on In The Zone we got the ball rolling when it comes to applying "Madden-style ratings" to Play-By-Play broadcasters.

While I was taking in another Ian Eagle NBA Playoff game broadcast, the idea of labeling his greatness with a number value popped into my head. In my eyes, Ian Eagle and Mike Breen set the standard in the basketball industry with 99 overall ratings. Anyone who has made it in this business deserves to at least start out with a 75 rating, I would think. Preference certainly applies, but Ian Eagle and Mike Breen do an incredible job at painting the picture, recognizing the importance of the moment, doing their prep work, and also displaying a sense of humor.

Check out the podcast clip below to hear Kravitz and myself slap sports video game-style ratings on Play-By-Play men.

Syracuse University Special Screening Of The HBO Documentary "GLICKMAN"

Photo: Getty Images

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