Should The Magic Consider Bringing In Dillon Brooks?

Dillon Brooks has become public enemy number one in the basketball community after his "shtick" and comments regarding LeBron James backfired, so much to the point where the Memphis Grizzlies informed him that he wouldn't be brought back "under any circumstances."

What happens next for Brooks? I've seen people on the internet joking around that he'll be playing in China next season but at 27 years old and a decent wing defender, I would think he'll sign on somewhere despite bringing somewhat of a toxic energy with him..and it's not like he shoots the three-ball at that high of a clip either. I'm assuming he'll sign a one-year prove it deal somewhere and try to raise his value, otherwise whatever stock he had, has plummeted.

Kravitz and I discuss if the Magic should or shouldn't kick the tires on Dillon Brooks in the podcast clip below.

Memphis Grizzlies v Los Angeles Lakers - Game Six

Photo: Getty Images

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