The Legend Of Steph Curry Continues..Where Does He Rank All Time?

After all of the excitement with the Sacramento Kings breaking their Playoff drought this season, it was Steph Curry and the defending champion Warriors who reminded everyone that they're still here after delivering on the road in Game 7.

Before the postseason started, I thought it might be time for a changing of the guard, but here we are in round two which features a heavy-pedigree matchup between Curry's Warriors and LeBron's Lakers...while the Kings and Grizzlies are going home in the 1st round.

After having already etched himself as one of the all-time greats in NBA history, Steph Curry continues to add to his legacy with a 50-point performance in an elimination game, and suddenly a potential path for another Finals appearance. Whenever we need a reminder, all-time great players are always sure to deliver in the most important moments, which is what we saw in Game 7.

Steph Curry is carving his way into being a top-10 player of all time..Kravitz and I discuss Curry's greatness and NBA Playoff themes in the podcast clips below.

Golden State Warriors v Sacramento Kings - Game Seven

Photo: Getty Images

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