Kravitz Has A Theory To Why Will Levis Slid To The 2nd Round

Most mock drafts had Will Levis going top-15 and by draft day, he had the 2nd-highest odds to go #1 overall..what was the main reason he slipped all the way to round two?

Brandon Kravitz believes it was because of the way Will Levis carries himself, which may have caused concern that he can be an effective leader in a NFL locker room. I argue that it had more to do with his turnovers issues and actual QB play, but you can't rule it out. Tennessee made the move to trade up for him with pick number 2 of the second round, and now he's on a Titans roster which also features Ryan Tannehill and Malik Willis on their QB depth chart.

In the podcast clip below, we discuss why Will Levis fell, our frustration with the lack of UCF prospects, and favorite draft picks from round two and beyond.

2023 NFL Draft Red Carpet

Photo: Getty Images

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