Kravitz Hands Out Draft Grades to the Phins, Jags, and Bucs

The 2023 NFL Draft is in the books and I've got all the grades for our Sunshine State teams! Here are some quick notes on how I view each team did with their 2023 class. Keeping in mind, I graded the Phins on a curve since they were stripped of their round 1 pick and made deals to acquire Tyreek Hill, Bradley Chubb, and Jalen Ramsey over the past year.

Jags- A+: Help your star QB. They did. 1st 3 picks- OT Anton Harrison out of OU, TE Brenton Strange is a more traditional TE which was an area of need since Evan Engram is activated as more of a WR, RB Tank Bigsby, was one of my favorite RB’s entering the CFB season --- 13 total picks!

Bucs- B+: Tampa went pretty much the whole draft without drafting a player I’ve heard of, but that’s exactly what they needed to do. Trenches, defense, non-glamour positions. They nailed it from a strategy standpoint, but I can’t tell you if these players are actually any good from my view. In all seriousness, Calijah Kancey looks like an absolute game-wrecker, and ya know, those DT's out of Pitt have a pretty good track record (see Aaron Donald).

Dolphins- B-: Weren’t working with a lot, they finished the draft with 4 selections. They added some depth @ DB with an exciting prospect in Cam Smith, like that, you can never have too many DB’s. Devon Achane is what buoy’s the grade for me though. Fastest RB in the class. The Dolphins now have: Hill: 4.29 (WR) Mostert: 4.32 (RB) Achane: 4.32 (RB) Anderson: 4.36 (WR) Waddle: 4.37 (WR).

Rhode Island v Pittsburgh

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