Marc Daniels: Mock Draft Of Football Movie Players...Who Goes #1?

2007 NFL Draft

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It's the eve of the NFL Draft and there are many questions to be answered. Does a Reddit user actually know that Will Levis will be the top pick? Will Anthony Richardson go in the top 5? Does Mel Kiper really like Todd McShay? How many times will Aaron Rodgers name get mentioned in the first six hours of draft coverage?

With so many answers to be found and everyone fine tuning their final final final versions of a mock draft, let's get serious about real football talent and breakdown the best football players to appear in movies. 

We are ranking these fictional gridiron greats by their talent and not necessarily how they would be picks in a real draft.

So here we go:

1. QB Willie Beamen("Any Given Sunday")- Beamen fits the modern day mold of a quarterback who can hurt you with arm and legs. While Beamen might take a year or two to learn the pro game, the upside is there to become a franchise player.

2. LB Charles Jefferson("Fast Times at Ridgemont High") Jefferson is a generational player in the mold of Lawrence Taylor. With an explosive first step he can beat tackles with ease to get to the quarterback and his speed allows him to cover sideline to sideline.

3. LB Bobby Boucher Jr.("The Waterboy")- It's close but Jefferson gets the nod for best defensive player, but you won't lose much with Boucher here. He's a tackling machine and has a knack for making big plays.

4. QB Shane Falco("The Replacements")- Quarterbacks tend to get rated higher because of the need at the position and that might be the case here. Falco may not become a Hall of Famer but he's solid and can hold down the starting job for a decade with the right team.

5. LB Vontae Mack("Draft Day")- The more you watch the film on this guy you know you can put him on the field and he will just make plays. He plays with a chip on his shoulder and any team would love that.

6. QB Paul Crewe("The Longest Yard"- Burt Reynolds version)- Crew may have not had the talent around him on a prison team, but he has the skills to make others betters and that's tough to find. Teammates love him and GMs will as well.

7. OG Billy Bob("Varsity Blues")- It's a bit high for guard but the guy is a wall and if you need protection of your QB, Billy Bob is your guy.

8. WR Forrest Gump("Forrest Gump")- Speed can't be coached. You either have it or you don't. Gump may be short on route running but get the ball in his hands and he can fly.

9. WR Rod Tidwell("Jerry Maguire")- It's a bit early for a run on receivers but Tidwell is tempting to go here. If you can deal with the antics, you still get a solid receiver with big play potential.

10. DL Julius Campbell("Remember The Titans")- An unstoppable force on the defensive line. You can play this guy inside or out and he will just make plays.

11. QB Paul Blake("Unnecessary Roughness")- His age is factor and why some teams might pass on him but Blake is solid in his mechanics, arm strength and toughness.

12. CB Stef Djordjevic("All the Right Moves")- Everyone knows I love this kid and I admit this is a bit high for him, but he's tough and you won't regret taking this kid and just let him make plays.

13. QB Johnny Utah("Point Break")- While some confuse Utah with Shane Falco- they do look alike- Utah is worth a look at this spot despite the knee injury. He may be a step slower but Utah is still better than most at this position.

14. RB Earl Meggett("The Longest Yard-Adam Sandler version)- Meggett has everything you want in a back. He's got speed, good hands and toughness to last a long season.

15. RB Boobie Miles("Friday Night Lights")- Like Johnny Utah, Miles needs to get healthy from that devastating knee injury, but once he's cleared he makes too many miss to not grab him and plug him into your starting lineup.

16. WR Deacon Moss("The Longest Yard-Adam Sandler version)- The guy looks and plays like Michael Irvin, what's not to like?

17. OT Bud Kaminski("The Program")- Solid tackle that can play both sides and someone your quarterback will appreciate.

18. C Manumana("Unnecessary Roughness")- There's a run on offensive lineman and this center has great balance and knows how to read defenses and a player who likely becomes captain of the team.

19. LB Luther Lavay("Any Given Sunday")- Plays and looks like Lawrence Taylor. The off-the-field issues are concerns and suspected drug use might bother some teams, but the talent is there.

20. Becky "Icebox" O'Shea("Little Giants")- Sneaky tough and just makes plays. Under-the-radar because of the quality of opponents and played on a bad team, but she's pro ready and a worthy pick here.

Honorable mentions and worthy of being selected: K Lucy Draper("Unnecessary Roughness), WR Phil Elliot("North Dallas Forty"), QB Reno Hightower("Best of Times), QB Jonathon Moxon("Varsity Blues"), LB Brian Riley("All the Right Moves")

Final note: The oldest high school football rivalry is between Norwich Free Academy and New London High. The two Connecticut schools have played 151 times, with the majority of the games being played on Thanksgiving.

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