7 'Fun' Things That Could Happen in Round 1 of the NFL Draft

Draft night coming up on Thursday, feeling the buzz as we inch closer, can not wait. I’ve been doing a lot of draft prep over the last couple of days to really zero in on who I love from this class, who is worth passing on, what positions are the strength of the class, and of course – trying to figure out which of these QB’s isn’t going to be a bust.

As the week progresses, I’ll share all my notes, all my sleepers, the fantasy angles, all of that. But, I figured since its Monday, let’s just start with a little primer. These are my 7 fun things that could happen in round 1.

1.Bijan Robinson to the Eagles @ 10- Low hanging fruit here. This would be almost gratuitous, any halfway decent RB would be good in that Philly system, but Bijan is generational. This would be a lot like Zeke when he went to the Cowboys. Ultimate luxury piece that makes an instant impact.

2.CJ Stroud and Jaxon Smith-Njigba to the Texans @ 2 & 12- Very possible this happens. Houston needs both positions and those draft picks are right in the range of where both of these players are supposed to go. Drafting successful college teammates is always a fun move.

3.Packers draft a WR @ 15- I think there’s going to be a run on WR’s right in this range on Thursday and how hilarious would it be if the Packers drafted a WR for Jordan Love in round 1 after NEVER doing it for Rodgers.

4.Jahmyr Gibbs goes to the Chiefs will the final pick of round 1- The Chiefs tried to take a 1st round RB late in the draft a couple years ago with CEH, they passed on Jonathan Taylor in the process who went a few picks later. This is their chance to correct it. And can you imagine this?!

5.Jalen Carter slips to 13 with the Jets- Could you imagine the terror in offensive lineman’s eyes if they had Quinnen Williams and Jalen Carter staring at them play after play?! The Jets defensive scheme has 2 DT’s on the line, so it could work logistically.

6.Jalin Hyatt goes to Buffalo or LAC- Hyatt is all speed and if he lands in the right spot, he is going to be dangerous from day 1. The Bills and Chargers are those spots. Josh Allen and Justin Herbert have 2 of the strongest arms in the NFL and they need someone like this who just takes the top off play after play.

7.Falcons draft Anthony Richardson @ 7- While I think it would be a monumental mistake, there’s no doubt it would be fun. Arthur Smith is an exciting play caller and they loooove to run the ball in Atlanta. It would likely be a trainwreck, but the fun kind where you can’t take your eyes off it.

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