Should Teams Be Concerned With CJ Stroud's Cognitive Test Score?

At one point, Ohio State QB prospect CJ Stroud was trending to be the number one overall pick, but the odds have since shifted heavily to Bryce Young, according to Las Vegas betting odds.

Recent reports have shown that CJ Stroud scored extremely low on the cognitive test scores compared to the other QB prospects, the question is how much stake do we put into this? His Quarterback play on film is pretty impressive and that's ultimately what I judge him if you're a team that had interviews with him and if you view him as a guy who can lead a team..that's all I'd be monitoring. Cap Analyst Brad Spielberger discusses his view of CJ Stroud, the draft process, and where he expects Bijan Robinson to end up in the podcast clip below.

Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl - Ohio State v Georgia

Photo: Getty Images

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